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The 20’s was such a glamorous, sophisticated and magical time with romance in the air and change on the horizon. Brittany & Chris’s wedding came right out of the Roaring 20’s and was filled to the brim with romance & glamour. Taking inspiration from this fascinating time period their stationery suite combined the loveliest ribbon, the prettiest pearlized paper and the most dramatic graphics. Using mixtures of fonts and unique card stock configurations, their suite had a modern twist that wowed us all. F. Scott Fitzgerald put it perfectly “Can’t repeat the past..Why of course you can!”

Grab a cocktail and indulge in these pictures by Set Free Photography!

Published in Papertales

These photos of the laser cut place card names created along with Elleson Events absolutely make us blush here at DM Paper Designs.  The photos by Austin Trenholm Photography can only have one name: Perfection!

Published in Papertales
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