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Remember that song you used to sing when you were a child in the playground “Jane & John sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G”? Well, that’s all I keep thinking when Debra designed this beautiful stationery suite for Elizabeth & Terence. Taking inspiration from their wedding venue, Edison & Ford Winter Estates, we opted for a sophisticated yet simple and organic design. For their escort cards we utilized the famous Banyon tree that’s on the property & a landmark for the Estates. Hunter Ryan, yet again, left us speechless with breathtaking pictures of this stunning celebration!

Published in Papertales

Corey & Topanga have nothing on this couple! Tyler first felt his heart soar when this couple met in grade school. Amidst the throwing of paper airplanes to get Ashley’s attention, this couple began their storybook romance. Throughout college, buying a new house, getting adorable puppies, these two finally made it official. Join us as we dive into this adorable stationery suite all the way from their whimsical save the dates, to their high flying day of decor! Also, how cool are those paper airplane escort cards?! - Images by Set Free Photography.

Published in Papertales
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