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 Designing the stationery for Amy and Brandon's La Playa wedding was the perfect example of combining strength and softness.  The use of pearlized papers and soft charcoal printing when combined with the subtle, floral accents gave the pieces both a rich, formal feel and and a subtle, southern elegance.


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Thursday, 17 March 2016 15:31

DM Insight - Jessica and Daniel's Papertale

Our collaboration with one of our amazing artists has opened up new doors in creating custom invitations for our clients.  Not only doors but also windows, front porches, gorgeous trees, historic landmarks, and famous old homes.  We then take these pieces of art and incorporate them into the design of our invitations and stationery.  Jessica and Daniel's Papertale is one stunning example of how custom artwork can add a unique, personalized touch to the invitation suite.

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Monday, 28 December 2015 19:19

DM Insight - Sydney and Parker's Papertale

 Sydney and Parker came to me looking to capture an "Old Florida" feel in their wedding stationery.  The golds and peaches needed to be featured in setting the tone for this elegant occasion.  The wedding was to take place at The Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota and capturing the gandeur of this venue was important for the inspiration of this stationery.


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Monday, 21 December 2015 18:04

DM Insight - Kelsey and Sean's Papertale

Madison, one of our assemblers at DM Paper Designs, introduced us to her friend and Chi Omega sorority sister, Kelsey.  Kelsey came to our studio hoping that I could capture the rustic look and feel of their wedding venue location in all of the details of their wedding stationery. I knew the challenge would be to take the strength of the oak trees of Cross Creek Ranch and marry it with the soft, elegance needed for their wedding.  During our intial meeting we brainstormed and I suggested ways to capture the contrast of the textures of the outdoors within the invitation suite. A special thank you to Austin Trenholm at Trenhom Photo for capturing all of the details.

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