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DM Insight - Sydney and Parker's Papertale
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Monday, 28 December 2015 19:19

DM Insight - Sydney and Parker's Papertale

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 Sydney and Parker came to me looking to capture an "Old Florida" feel in their wedding stationery.  The golds and peaches needed to be featured in setting the tone for this elegant occasion.  The wedding was to take place at The Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota and capturing the gandeur of this venue was important for the inspiration of this stationery.



 The invitation itself featured a watercolor ombre background with the text foil-stamped in gold on a soft, letterpress paper.  This is a process that I watch as each, indivdual invitation comes off the press.  It is a remarkable, vintage method of printing and gives each invitation and very hand made feel.

The pocket envelope configuration immediately appealed to Sydney and Parker.  Pairing it with the perfect floral pattern created an impressive package to be delivered to each guest.

 The combination of stately block fonts with the whimsy of the script gave the invitation a formal and fun feeling.  The inspiration comes from the personality of the couple and the excitement of the event and venue.

The insert cards tied the whole suite together by featuring the combination of fonts and colors along with floral drawn from the pocket envelope.  

Today's DM Inspiration is taking risks by combining multiple, bold elements to create the perfect combination.  Florals, fonts, watercolor, and foil come together to create an unexpected work of art.



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